Month: July 2022

  • Supporting a Product’s Cluster Headaches

    Supporting a Product’s Cluster Headaches

    Cluster headaches are problem reports that make everyone else in the organization ask “are we seeing that too?” and pile on. Alice suspects a memory leak and files a report. Bob tags his customers to it as well. They start discussing general performance questions in a chat or a meeting with a broad audience. Charlene […]

  • Planning R&D Time

    Planning R&D Time

    Granted that reality will disrupt the plan, I still find it useful to do a quarterly planning exercise. I’m fond of doing this with a zero based budget of person-time that has already had maintenance requirements removed. So you’ve got N full-time equivalent (FTE) people. They’re going to be sick and vacating and training 25% […]

  • Internal Transfers

    Internal Transfers

    Role, tech stack, and culture. A new hire for a role must come up to speed on all three areas, and will be coming from behind on at least one. Some organizations are lucky enough to have a broadly common set of cultural or role expectations so that people can easily transfer skills from elsewhere. […]

  • Executive Dashboards

    Executive Dashboards

    Executive dashboards go through the Tuckman model… like team members, they have to be understood before they are accepted.  Forming: a need for a dashboard is recognized and that dashboard is introduced to the executive staff. It may or may not be challenged, but its place is not certain. Storming: if not at introduction then […]