Month: October 2022

  • Vendor Management and the Unattainable Goal

    Vendor Management and the Unattainable Goal

    It starts as a spreadsheet full of tickets. The customer feels that they’re not being heard, and they work with their sales team  to produce a record of everything they have ever asked for. This record of course falls victim to the problems described here: 4/5ths of the responses are some kind of redirection that […]

  • How to Present a Product Proposal Executive Deck

    How to Present a Product Proposal Executive Deck

    I’ve been writing and presenting my entire career, so this set of learnings was definitely puzzling to acquire. But it turns out that you need a different deck for executive presentations than you do for conferences, sales, or product updates. First, a general note for technical or academic people. There’s an attitude or tradition, perhaps […]

  • Top 40 Most Interesting

    Top 40 Most Interesting

    Say there’s a large data set, something like the lake under a SIEM. How do you find interesting elements from it? There’s a few different tricks, such as throwing it through a series of algorithms. One fun trick is to use a generic dashboard pattern. One I’ve played around with a few times is the […]

  • How To Get Product Feedback

    How To Get Product Feedback

    This is a pattern that works for early access to a software project or for making a big decision (deprecating a feature for instance). As a product manager you’re going to treat your own requirement as a project to bring to resolution. First, why get feedback? You had data to drive your decision before right? […]

  • What Product Feedback To Get

    What Product Feedback To Get

    Every day is feedback day for a product manager! It’s a firehose of meetings, articles, documents, and JIRAs. But some times you need that feedback to drive a decision, the anecdata frosting to your data cake, and that’s when you’ll want some structure.  Here’s a few examples to use with the “how to get product […]