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  • QA and Product Development Fashion

    QA and Product Development Fashion

    I think there’s a lot of survivor’s bias in judgment of what works or doesn’t work in product development. Either you made something the customers needed, in which case whatever path was taken is lauded as the right one, or you didn’t, and whatever path was taken is held unaccountable because it doesn’t matter any […]

  • How Technical Should a Product Manager Be

    How Technical Should a Product Manager Be

    It’s a common struggle for product managers, especially when they’re new to the problem area of this company. It can be articulated in several ways: Why do these questions come up? Because they’re causing friction. The product manager is being asked for input and can’t provide it, which causes self-doubt and fails to assist the […]

  • How Do You Measure Product Quality?

    How Do You Measure Product Quality?

    Product quality is a subjective measure, so you have to find ways to objectively track effort without creating a Goodhart’s Law problem. Since you’re not going to get an easy and accurate metric, you’re left to verifying proxy metrics. So, that’s a lot of processes and dashboards to track that they’re getting used and dashboards […]

  • Defusing Dramatic Conversations

    Defusing Dramatic Conversations

    Change happens. Maybe it’s a new strategic mandate, or altered priorities from customers, or realization that a technical approach won’t work. Your vendor disappears in a puff of smoke, you can’t be ready for unveiling at a conference so the deadline moves, your customer adds more requirements, your executive staff decide the feature should be […]

  • Product Managers get (all) the jobs done!

    Product Managers get (all) the jobs done!

    Sometimes in interviewing or training PMs, this question comes up: “Are we really supposed to be doing everything in this team?!” I’d love to answer with a clear “no”, but really? It depends. Product Management is a glue function. We are responsible for overall success, so we can stretch to fix some of the broken […]

  • Accidental Contradictory Incentives

    Accidental Contradictory Incentives

    Here’s a sad story that happens sometimes: And so now you have regret. Not responding to the market with a product does not mean that nothing happens. It means that something else happens. How did you get here? Misaligned incentives of course, but how did that happen? Well, it’s the same sad story as always. […]

  • Vendor Management and the Unattainable Goal

    Vendor Management and the Unattainable Goal

    It starts as a spreadsheet full of tickets. The customer feels that they’re not being heard, and they work with their sales team  to produce a record of everything they have ever asked for. This record of course falls victim to the problems described here: 4/5ths of the responses are some kind of redirection that […]

  • How to Present a Product Proposal Executive Deck

    How to Present a Product Proposal Executive Deck

    I’ve been writing and presenting my entire career, so this set of learnings was definitely puzzling to acquire. But it turns out that you need a different deck for executive presentations than you do for conferences, sales, or product updates. First, a general note for technical or academic people. There’s an attitude or tradition, perhaps […]

  • How To Get Product Feedback

    How To Get Product Feedback

    This is a pattern that works for early access to a software project or for making a big decision (deprecating a feature for instance). As a product manager you’re going to treat your own requirement as a project to bring to resolution. First, why get feedback? You had data to drive your decision before right? […]

  • What Product Feedback To Get

    What Product Feedback To Get

    Every day is feedback day for a product manager! It’s a firehose of meetings, articles, documents, and JIRAs. But some times you need that feedback to drive a decision, the anecdata frosting to your data cake, and that’s when you’ll want some structure.  Here’s a few examples to use with the “how to get product […]