Coates Laws of Suckage

Law the First: People Suck. This is nothing about particular types or roles of people, it’s just a statement of fact. I am people and I suck too. We’ve got brains hard-wired to look for free gravy and four-leaf clovers, and we spend way too much time doing it wrong, doing it over, and bickering over why it’s getting done. Beats the alternative, though.
Law the Second: Computers Suck. As our first attempt to recreate ourselves, is it any wonder that they suck? Computers with a general purpose OS installed are like people with a lot more stupid and a lot more speed.
Law the Third: Work Sucks. Take lazy people, add a simple instruction set, decrease motivations to the bare minimum and give them no reason to think things through… if it were really a good way to spend your time we wouldn’t have to pay you to show up, right?

Corrollary: People working on computers cubes the Suckage.

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