Penny Wise Hardware

Thesis: Organizations will continue to squeeze their highly paid people into the worst possible computing environments in order to block any accidental efficiency that might evolve in their organizations.

Evidence to support that thesis:

  • Five year desktop hardware refresh cycles for workstations (that’s on service plans of a year or two and warranties of three max)
  • Four to six years for servers
  • Single CPU virtual desktop instances: you haven’t been able to buy single core hardware since early 2012, but you can still try to run Windows and productivity apps together on one core.  Plus, an endpoint agent from every team for for every purpose, mostly blasting raw data into central lakes because there’s insufficient local resources to accomplish their mission.

Of course the thesis is silly, no one really means to starve their organization. It just happens by accident, through shift of competing priorities and a blind eye on poor metrics. Performance monitoring for endpoints is a worthy investment.

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